Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boom Ticket

Tonight I headed down to The Rutledge for a Tuesday night of Boom Ticket. I figured there might not be much of a crowd, and boy was I right. Tuesday night in Nashville is a black hole, unless you're playing the arena or the Ryman.

When Boom Ticket finally started, most of the people that were there for the first two bands had left, leaving me and about ten other people. This didn't seem to phase the Boom trio, as they blasted through their set. This was the nicest venue I've seen them play so far, with a great sound system and sound guy. This made for a truly booming show from these guys, as you could really hear the thunderous drum work from Bobby Knowles. His unique drum lines really make this band interesting, along with new bass player, Jeff Taco, putting his flavor on the old bass lines. Adam Livingston's solid vocals and extremely loud guitar round out this group, as they nail their original compositions. The one hiccup came on their version of the Dead Weather's "So Far From Your Weapon". With everyone looking a little lost, they still managed to make it through, not completely butchering it but beating it within an inch of it's life. They finished strong with a classic Bobby drum line and some good feed back driven soloing from Adam.

Most of the times I see this band play, it's usually to a meager crowd. If they could get a hundred or so people to come out, the energy would surely make for a great show. They are a relatively new band, still working on finding their niche and building a following, but with the right promotion and their ability to write strong rock songs, they should be able to make a name for themselves in Nashville before they sprawl out over the southeast.

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